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CULTIVATION: Birds nest fern is so named because of its nest shaped rosette of radiating fronds which collect debris, in time the collected material rots down to form humus which feeds the roots. The roots are quite small and as such can be grown easily in pots but can also be attached to trees and rocks but do well planted into the ground. This is a long lived fern which can tolerate a wide range of Australian conditions. Quite a dramatic feature for any garden.
CLIMATE: Species occur naturally from tropics to cooler southern parts of Australia, They prefer a filtered light position or morning sun (Easterly aspect) with shelter from hot afternoon sun and wind. Light frosts are tolerated. Larger established plants can handle more sun.
SOIL: For best results plant into well cultivated, well draining, compost rich soil. Does not like continuously damp conditions.
WATERING: These plants only require regular watering during hot weather in warm areas, In cooler climates minimal watering is required. During winter they can be kept dry.
FERTILISING: Liquid organic fertilisers can be applied monthly during  warmer weather but not essential to plant health. Apply to centre of fern or by foliar feeding. Blood and bone can be sprinkled lightly from above into the fronds and around the root zone in Spring and Summer, water in well.
PRUNING: Outer older fronds will start to discolor and can be removed by pruning at the lowest point.
PESTS/DISEASES: Generally pest free but keep protected from snails and slugs.For specific information or advice please contact us at Brenlissa Nursery for expert help.WE WISH YOU MANY YEARS OF ENJOYMENT FROM YOUR NEW BIRDS NEST FERN!