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Cultural Notes – Salvia

Sun, drought hardy & very colourful. Great ‘filler’ plants for a perennial bed, the relaxed habit of these plants fill empty spaces well, good for adding height and colour to beds.Many salvias are edible, the leaves can be used for flavouring fruit salads and drinks.
CULTIVATION: Genus annuals, biennials, perennials and evergreen or semi deciduous shrubs grown for their often brightly coloured flowers and aromatic foliage. Full hardy to frost tender, prefers sun with well draining soils but will grow in shade. Salvias are a wonderful addition to any garden.
SOIL: Prefers a well drained, light textured soil or premium potting mix for pots.
WATERING: Drought hardy once established, but will benefit from watering during dry spells.
FERTILISING: For best results an application of a balanced complete fertilizer in spring will ensure good healthy growth and flower development.
PRUNING: Can be pruned fairly hard in Winter to encourage good spring growth and also keep in shape. Also lightly trim after flowering in Summer to retain size and shape. This will also encourage new flowers for Autumn.
PESTS/DISEASES: Generally pest free but keep protected from snails and slugs. Dislikes high humidity.For specific information or advice please contact us at Brenlissa Nursery for expert help. WE WISH YOU MANY YEARS OF ENJOYMENT FROM YOUR NEW SALVIAS!

More information on Salvias can be found here – Victorian Salvia Study Group.