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Hellebores, Winter/Lenton roses

Helleborus Mixed colours. Also know as Winter roses & Lenton Rose
If I had to choose a single plant for my garden, it would be Hellebore.
The species hellebores have a distinctive charm all their own, but it is the hybrids
that generate the overtly visceral reactions in most gardeners. These easy to grow, relatively care free plants, are
essential to any temperate garden. Great flowering and colour whilst other plants dormant in Winter. A perfect combination for Hydrangeas/Fuchsias and other deciduous shrubs. It’s a good idea to interplant winter flowering Hellebore under & around to continue colour and foliage during the these months. Hellebores will then finish once your Fuchsias/Hydrangea will start shooting again in Spring. Our mail-order Hellebores are well established in 50mm pots (Min 2yr old) unless otherwise stated in individual listings.

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