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Hydrangea Varieties - Potted

“Hydrangea” Our great range of mail order Hydrangea includes many varieties including Mop heads, Lacecaps and climbers in a full range of colours and sizes. These plants provide quite fabulous colourful flowers during Spring – Autumn and can be planted in part shade to full sun. Quite hardy and reliable, A must for any garden.
Flower colours can be changed by adjusting soil pH.
Blue / purple flowered varieties are more prominent in Acidic soils whilst the Pinks & Reds will do better in Alkaline soils.
Whites are always white in most soils but may tend to slight blue or pink markings if highly acidic or alkaline. Pot size 50mm and 75mm advanced. Our mail-order hydrangeas in this category are well established in 50mm pots (Min 2yr old) Ready to plant and set flowers in this season.
Remember too when planting a Hydrangea to also plant Hellebores (Winter rose) or perhaps bulbs to give you colour and foliage during the winter dormancy (June – July) of the hydrangea.

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