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Hydrangea Arborescens species ‘Annabelle’ White Mophead.

Hydrangea Arborescens species ‘Annabelle’ White Mophead.


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Hydrangea Arborescens* ‘Annabelle’
Mophead Classic White.

Flowers start off green and turn pure white.Is the best known variety
Some people plant ‘Annabelle’ as a hedge since it can be cut back
severely in the winter for a tidy effect.
‘Annabelle’ makes a spectacular
show in colder regions as well as very warm ones.

H. arborescens* are actually native to eastern
parts of the United States. If your climate is too harsh to grow
macrophyllas, ‘Annabelle’ would make a wonderful alternative.

*Can be a more untidy plant than macrophylla hydrangeas, Staking maybe  required as stems can be lanky with heavy flowers. However a beautiful large flower makes it a plant well worth having in your collection.

H x S to 1.5 mtrs Part shade/sun, Deciduous in cold climates.

Top seller, Limited stock available.

Please note during colder months we supply these as deciduous. (No leaves).

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